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How to make your own dress form


Don’t forget that the shirt you are using will get stuck inside it, so use a shirt you don’t want anymore. Also, do this while wearing your most confortable/used bra/bra you will be wearing when you actually wear your cosplay

I also recommend getting some spray foam (commonly found at Home Depot) and putting some of that inside it as well. Stuffing alone will deflate after a few days and your dress form will crumple, especially at the waist.

But otherwise, this is an awesome way to make yourself an accurate dress form and save yourself a ton of money!

Im just going to reblog this for all my cosplaying friends because this is super cool!

Other words of advice from a seamstress that has used this method extensively in her 20+ years of costuming experience:

  • Wear comfortable shoes for this. You will be standing for a while.
  • Go to the bathroom first! Once you are taped in past your tummy, it will be hard to sit down. If you are a guy, well…you’re just one of the lucky ones, okay?
  • Don’t eat a large meal before hand. It will cause your tummy to be bloated. However, keep a cup of water with a straw handy, as you don’t want to dehydrate, either.
  • If you are claustrophobic, you may experience some discomfort. Be prepared for that.
  • Count on using at least 2-3 rolls of duct tape and doing at the very least 2 layers of tape. Use short lengths over the curves. You can smooth them out with longer lengths of tape on the second (or even third!) layer.
  • When cutting the tshirt/tape layer up the back, use medical scissors if you have them. If not, use caution with regular scissors, as it’s easy to scratch the skin with the point. Also, make sure not to cut the bra (if making one for a female).
  • Draw all of your seam lines and bust/waist/hip lines on the top layer of tape with a permanent marker before cutting. This will help you in realigning the back when you’re ready to stuff it.
  • The best instructions I’ve found for this method (along with a few others) can be found here and here. I’ve used the methods found at the first link since the mid-90’s (I still have the actual hard copy of the magazine with the article) and can vouch for them from personal experience.

Hope this helps all of you cosplayers out there. Great thing about this is that if you gain or lose weight, a new dress form is only a few hours and a few rolls of duct tape away. Happy sewing!

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